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Horn Of The Abyss 1.3.7 скачать

Если раньше некоторые юниты были несбалансированными, то в дополнении от этой проблемы полностью избавились, сделав проект более играбельным. Пересмотрено местоположение некоторых объектов на карте, изменены цены на определенные предметы и т. д.

Сюжет вращается вокруг могущественного артефакта под названием Рог Бездны. Джереми со своей командой теперь связан с поисками этого могущественного оружия, способного спасти их от гибели.

Герои Меча и Магии 3: Рог Бездны

Дополнение достаточно сильно изменило игровой процесс оригинальных Героев меча и магии, исправив множество багов, а также доработало существующие механики. Среди нововведений можно выделить следующие моменты:

Дополнение дает возможность пройти три совершенно новых кампании, рассказывающих о приключениях дерзкого капитана пиратского судна Джереми Альбатроса.

Nezabudnite, na hranie je najlepšie použiť GOG verziu Heroes 3 a pre pohodové hranie HD modifikáciu. Ideálny začiatok nového roka.

Horn of the Abyss bugs
[-] Fixed a potential crash after right-clicking objects
[-] Fixed a potential corruption of the Shipyard after a turn review
[-] Fixed a bug where a stack of Archangels could resurrect itself
[-] RMG: Fixed a potential crash while generating a map, caused by the zone repulsion mechanic
[-] RMG: Fixed a bug where wide zone connections could disrupt the mandatory road structure
[-] Fixed a bug where spell research would become unusable after a siege in an online game
[-] Fixed a number of graphic artifacts in online play for the inactive player during an ally’s turn
[-] Fixed a bug in online play where an inactive player would have the minimap rendered in windows where it’s absent
[-] Fixed the wrong Faerie Ring sound clip
[-] Fixed the impassable hex layout for one of the Highlands combat obstacles

Horn of the Abyss v1

Horn of the Abyss bugs
[-] Fixed a critical bug where incorrect creatures were spawning on the map on beginning of a new month
[-] Fixed a bug where upgraded creatures received incorrect specialization bonuses calculated with non-upgraded stats
[-] Fixed a bug where the effect of Watering Place didn’t wear off under the simultaneous turn setting
[-] Fixed a bug where AI had limited possible moves while executing the Tactics skill
[-] Fixed a bug where the game would possibly crash if a dialog window was opened while a unit was on the move
[-] Fixed a bug where the heroes exchange button was sometimes displayed as being „on“ while exchange was not possible
[-] Combat speed buttons now work correctly after the settings have been restored to default
[-] Fixed a bug with the Visions spell where its radius was displayed incorrectly (it can never be fewer than 3)
[-] RMG: Fixed a bug where it was occasionally possible to bypass guard, if another guard was generated nearby
[-] RMG: Fixed a bug where mandatory roads wouldn’t generate on wide connections
[-] Fixed a bug where the chat window would be displayed over the map description in the map selection menu
[-] Fixed the incorrectly animated Cannon in the unit overview window
[-] Fixed a bug where the body would disappear shakily while raising Demons or calling Fangarms
[-] Fixed a bug where AI would enter a cycle while exchanging creatures between two heroes, or a hero and a town
[-] Fixed a bug where it was possible to attack creatures over impassable object entrance borders using Fly
[-] Fixed the Pirate death sound clip that wasn’t playing
[-] Fixed incorrect stack behavior while entering creature banks
[-] Fixed the memory leak during online combat between two players
[-] Fixed the memory leak in the artifact overview window on the map
[-] Fixed DEP incompatibility issues

Horn of the Abyss Map editor
[+] Spells set as mandatory for a town will now spawn even if generally banned on the map
[+] A „Different from player“ setting for towns has been introduced; these town types will be randomly selected from a list specified for the player
[-] Fixed a number of bugs concerning new win conditions and settings for the Plague/creature weeks
[-] Fixed a bug where template sizes smaller than XH couldn’t be selected if the template in question was bigger
[-] Fixed a bug where Portals or Exit Monoliths couldn’t be searched for
[-] Fixed a bug where Cove wouldn’t be included in the Random Faction setting for the player
[+] A new logo has been introduced

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