Photoshop Tutorials на русском

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Photoshop Tutorials на русском

Человеческий глаз совершенно спокойно различает фактуру предметов, даже в случае изменения освещенности от ярких солнечных лучей, до глубочайших теней.

Наверное, все слышали о таком журнале, как «Esquire». А слышали ли Вы о том, что каждый журнал старается придумывать собственные стили фотографии, и вот у «Esquire» получилось найти собственный стиль.

Photoshop Tutorials на русском

Съемка архитектуры – это благородное занятие, причем, архитектуру можно снимать для личного удовольствия и впечатления, а можно эти фото пустить в коммерческий оборот.

Цифровой шум на фотографии порой вызывает бурные обсуждения и негодования среди ретушеров и фотографов.

This is a micro-tutorial about drawing interweaving tree branches. I do not claim this is the best way 🙂 but it works well for me.

This artwork was especially fun to do. I had clear idea of what I want to achieve, and used couple of Photoshop tricks to do that. To start, take your old jeans (new will not do 🙂 and scan them. Here is what I got in scanned image.

Photoshop Tutorials на русском

Let’s start with mountains (though the particular order of steps is not important now). Switch to Pen tool (P), set foreground color to black, and start drawing mountains with short strokes» or pen (click — drag a little — release). «

Here are my thoughts about designing icons in Adobe Photoshop: — many respected icon designers consider Illustrator better tool to design icons — . I do not own or know Illustrator, but I’m pretty good at Photoshop, and I found that it can be tweaked to create icons fast and easy too. — the best way to design icons (even in small sizes) is vectors. In Photoshop, they are made with Shape and Pen tools. My personall approach is to create vectors in solid colors (one vector in each layer) and then apply various layer effects, such as gradients and strokes. So, what can be done to make Photoshop the best icon — designing tool? First of all, have a plug-in to save icon files from photoshop files, such as IconBuilder from It is a good idea to have template file to start with. IconBuilder comes with Essential folder, including some of such templates (first picture shows one of them).

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